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Complementing Linsey's training in Filial Play, Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) or You and Me Time is a gentle play-based approach aimed at improving the attachment quality of the parent-child relationship by training parents in child-centred non-directive play.

Parents will attend practice sessions to learn three key skills before starting to implement these techniques during structured play time at home. The parent has continued support for as long as needed.

This approach is set within new and groundbreaking research in parenting and attachment.

It represents an ideal opportunity to bring positive relationship change directly into the family home. The skills learned can be practiced with all members of the family.

You and Me Time can help strengthen relationships, build self-esteem for both parent/carer and child, teach boundaries, increase listening skills and alleviate emotional and behavioural problems.


“I did not know what to expect when I started Filial Play with Linsey. I just wanted to help my son cope with jealousy and anger issues. I was so pleasantly surprised when I started seeing quite big changes in the way my child deals with his emotions and connects with them and the healing effect that the sessions have on him.
More importantly the Filial Play helped me to reconnect with him, by being part of his inner world, and thus positively affecting the way that I react to his behaviour and expression of needs”
— Mother of a 4 year old boy
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