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Heart-to-heart is a fun and effective early help attachment programme for parents/carers and their children/teens to attend together.  It can be delivered with groups, 1:1 or through a home-visiting model and is split across two approximate age ranges; 5-9 years and 10-15 years.

This flexible programme is based on the latest attachment research which shows that supporting the parent-child attachment relationship sets the scene for the best outcomes for children right into adulthood.  Adolescence can be a challenging time for parents and carers and this programme offers an ideal opportunity to share and experience new and empowering evidence-based knowledge with families.

 Heart-to-heart aims to provide:

·       Lovely local sessions designed specifically for parents/carers and their children/teens  

·       Enjoyable, interactive and low-key activities and resources to help strengthen relationships in a contained and nurturing group 

·       An opportunity to explore all aspects of middle childhood and teen development including the amazing changes happening in prepubescent and teenage brains, why teens turn nocturnal and other wonderful aspects of emotional, neurological and psychological development 

·       Empower and encourage all group members with the latest science of attachment including multi-media clips, lego models and the occasional junk sculpture made of sellotape and straws

·       Share evidence-based tools and techniques with all group members to help them manage stress and develop resilience

·       Opportunities to develop a supportive network with other families and carers that may continue after the programme ends


“It was a unique experience, which pressed the reset button for myself and my son. Before our work with Linsey it was like we were on a hamster wheel, a cycle of negative talk, negative behaviour and we were just struggling to get our relationship to a positive place. Linsey helped us to reconnect. Spending time together was simple, relaxed and had immediate results. Linsey made it fun and my son really enjoyed it. We have felt the positive effects in our relationship and in the whole family. As a family we are more connected, focused on the positive and now have the tools to help avoid negative behaviour before it starts or to at least understand more where this behavior is coming from.”
— Mother of 6 year old boy


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