baby bonding: from late pregnancy to babies on-the-move

baby bonding is a very gentle and effective preventative and early help attachment programme for parents and their babies-in-waiting and babies. It can be delivered with groups, 1:1 or through a home-visiting model and is suitable from 28 weeks of pregnancy. 

 This flexible programme is based on the latest attachment research which shows that supporting the earliest parent-infant attachment relationship sets the scene for the best outcomes for children right into adulthood.  Pregnancy and the early months after birth represent a “window of opportunity” to share new knowledge with parents.

 baby bonding aims to provide:

·       Lovely local sessions designed to get parents and their babies off to the best start possible together

·       Enjoyable interactive activities and resources to help build a strong relationship both before and after birth

·       An opportunity to explore all aspects of baby development including the amazing baby brain, how babies communicate, how we can help to calm and soothe babies in our fast-moving world, and other important developmental information 

·       Empower and encourage parents as the experts in their baby’s care and how they play the most important part of all

·       Share evidence-based tools and techniques with parents to help them manage the transition to parenthood and the challenges it brings

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·       Opportunities to develop a supportive network with other parents that may continue after the programme ends

“I found the class very beneficial to both mum and baby, it is activity based in parts and reflective in others. Interactive, sociable and enjoyable”
— Mother of pre-crawler
“I have learned how important it is to make time for play and I find the soothing techniques very helpful. Baby massage had become a regular part of our daily routine and we enjoy being close during this. The classes have made me realise the importance of giving my child one to one time and following her lead in play.”
— Mother of a toddler
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